Dogwood Consulting works with you to weave sustainability into your business.


  • You help us determine what sustainability solutions best fit with your clinic's mission and timeline.

  • Choose a comprehensive 5-step framework or individual projects.

  • Dogwood helps your staff implement strategic and realistic daily actions to ensure continued success!

Measure baseline

  • Energy use

  • Waste production

  • Chemical use

  • Water use

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Staff engagement

We help your staff understand the concept of sustainability and make it relevant to them.  This creates a culture of innovation and improves employee morale.

Five-step Framework:

  • The Exam:  an assessment of your facilities

  • The Plan:  consensus building with your staff to find the strategies that best fit your standard practices

  • The Walk:  implementation of broader sustainability goals

  • Annual Rechecks:  check-ups for continuous improvement

  • Playtime (staff engagement):  staff training that creates a culture of innovation for continuous improvement and addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion principles

Sustainability increases productivity and decreases employee turnover

Specific to veterinary hospitals:  


  • moving toward less waste

    • landfill, recycling, medical, and hazardous waste streams

  • reducing energy consumption

  • creating an environmental procurement policy

  • incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion training

  • facilitating a genuinely open dialogue between staff and administration

Sustainability practices increase efficiencies, which leads to decreased costs

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