Dogwood Consulting works with you to weave sustainability into your business.


  • We help you determine what sustainability solutions best fit with your clinic's mission and timeline.

  • Choose a comprehensive 5-step framework or individual programs.

  • Dogwood helps your clinic implement strategic and realistic daily actions to ensure continued success!

Measure baseline and improve:

  • Energy use

  • Waste production

  • Chemical use

  • Water use

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

For example, we work with your staff to find better diversion tactics and procurement strategies to decrease waste.

Staff engagement

We help your staff understand the concept of sustainability and make it relevant.  This creates a culture of innovation and improves employee morale.  We demonstrate that your values are authentic and aligned with theirs.

We offer monthly virtual well-being conversations that are free for veterinary staff!

Five-step Framework:

  • The Exam:  an assessment of your facilities

  • The Plan:  consensus building with your staff to find the strategies that best fit your standard practices

  • The Walk:  implementation of broader sustainability goals

  • Annual Rechecks:  check-ups for continuous improvement

  • Playtime (staff engagement):  staff training that creates a culture of innovation for continuous improvement and addresses well-being and burnout

SDGs connect your local purpose to global priorities that are being widely addressed

SDG Wheel_Transparent_WEB.png

The Sustainable Development Goals that are
most relevant to veterinary hospitals are:

  # 3:

# 12:

Good Health and Well-Being

Responsible Consumption and Production

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Climate Action

  # 8:

# 13:

Sustainability practices increase efficiencies, which leads to decreased costs


Best improvements for most veterinary hospitals: 


  • reducing energy consumption

  • producing less waste

    • landfill, recycling, and hazardous waste streams

  • creating an environmental procurement policy

  • auditing anesthetic gas use

  • facilitating a genuinely open dialogue between staff and administration

  • implementing non-traditional benefits that are important to your employees

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