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We know you love taking care of pets -

now you can "do better" at the same time!

Do Better for ...


  • Pet parents want their furry family to live long, healthy lives and we know that good veterinary care is essential.

  • The best veterinary hospitals run efficiently:  reducing energy costs and minimizing waste while increasing profitability.

  • Continuous improvement and innovation are key to long-term success.

We assess your clinic's standard practices and help
you improve your energy use and waste streams.


  • Vet hospitals often struggle to attract quality candidates.

  • The best veterinary teams work together:  celebrating successes, mourning losses, and supporting each other.  This leads to engaged staff.

  • Engaged employees are more productive, have less turnover, and fewer safety incidents . 

Dogwood brings your values to life through daily actions, which helps employees feel aligned with shared values.


  • Two-thirds of global consumers are willing to spend more on a sustainable product .

  • Millennials are willing to pay more for services that improve the health and well-being of their pets .

  • They are also looking for socially responsible employers and Gen Z wants their employer to have shared values . 

We help your clinic become a sustainable brand, which resonates with the largest pet-owning demographic.

Sustainability means

  • incorporating environmentally friendly strategies;

  • prioritizing all stakeholders, including employees and clients; 

  • maintaining the financial bottom line


Dogwood Consulting
supports the

United Nation's SDGs


Dedicated environmentalists and pet parents. 

Dogwood Consulting was founded by Jacquie Hilterman, who realized this was how she could best help save the world.  She earned two Master's degrees and started her career with non-profit organizations that helped protect the ocean through research and education.  After a decade and a move to the midwest, she reinvented herself as a veterinary technician.  She continued to help co-workers and clinic leaders understand the need to be "greener," led by example, and offered a range of actions that they could adopt.

She recognized the untapped niche of incorporating sustainability (i.e. environmentally-aligned business practices and socially-just strategies) into the veterinary field while maintaining the financial bottom line.  Dogwood Consulting is the next step along her stewardship journey.

We are all about Pets, People, and the Planet!


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Greater Denver Area, Colorado


(415) 902-8657

Thanks for contacting us!
We'll be in touch soon.



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