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Personalized Strategies to Help Your Veterinary Hospital

Mitigate Environmental Impact

and Improve Resiliency



Dogwood Consulting will assess your clinic and demonstrate that sustainability is a smart business decision.

We measure and help you improve your greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), amount of waste, energy use, and water use.

We facilitate staff members to find innovative ways to further reduce costs and improve employee morale.


We are in a climate emergency. 


The earth is becoming warmer, there are more extreme weather events, and diminished air quality.  People and pets are getting sicker and disadvantaged groups are the most vulnerable.

Veterinary clinics contribute to environmental degradation and Dogwood Consulting can help you change that.


We help you become more efficient (which can save money), attract talented employees, and increase retention.  Based on your mission and timeline, you can choose individual projects or a follow our five-step framework.  We create solutions and help you implement strategic - and realistic - actions.

Now is the time for your clinic and for you to take action!


Dedicated environmentalists and pet parents. 

Dogwood Consulting was founded by Jacquie Hilterman, who realized this was how she could best help save the world.  She earned two Master's degrees and started her career with non-profit organizations that helped protect the ocean through research and education.  After a decade and a move to the midwest, she reinvented herself as a veterinary technician.  She continued to help co-workers and clinic leaders understand the need to be "greener," led by example, and offered a range of actions that they could adopt.

She recognized the untapped niche of incorporating sustainability (i.e. environmentally-aligned business practices and socially-just strategies) into the veterinary field while maintaining the financial bottom line.  Dogwood Consulting is the next step along her stewardship journey.

We are all about Pets, People, and the Planet!


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